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السوريون “يهدّدون الأمن الصحّي” والأحزاب تشارك بالتهريب

السوريون "يهدّدون الأمن الصحّي" والأحزاب تشارك بالتهريب هدأت موجة فقدان...

المأساة التربويّة: هذا ما يحتاجه “التلميذ” في لبنان للالتحاق بالمدرسة

المأساة التربويّة: هذا ما يحتاجه "التلميذ" في لبنان للالتحاق...

الدولار الأميركي يتسيد عملات العالم بدعم من تشديد الفيدرالي

الدولار الأميركي يتسيد عملات العالم بدعم من تشديد الفيدرالي واصل...

اقتراح “ضريبة على مقترِضين كبار سدّدوا قروضهم بالليرة” يتسرّب في الأروقة

اقتراح "ضريبة على مقترِضين كبار سدّدوا قروضهم بالليرة" يتسرّب...

هل يطبع مصرف لبنان الليرة لتمويل القطاع العام؟

هل يطبع مصرف لبنان الليرة لتمويل القطاع العام؟ أشار مرجع...

وظيفة شاغرة مطلوب استاذ/ة


يتطلب رسالة مع الطلب؟:
توجيهات التقديم:

Please submit a recent copy of your CV and a short cover letter detailing your relevant work experience and why you would be a good fit for the role. Please mention your location and whether you have a driving license.

اسم الشخص المسؤول:
Molly Jeffs
Program Manager
البريد الالكتروني للشخص المسؤول:

Salam LADC (Salam) is an apolitical, non-religiously affiliated NGO, founded in the South of Lebanon. We provide education and livelihood support services and emergency aid to vulnerable people, regardless of their nationality, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation. Operations are conducted in Beirut, Central Bekaa and Kawkaba. Currently our largest operation is in Central Bekaa, where we offer a multitude of projects within our Saadnayel Community Center and in ITS’ through our Bus Project. This role will be based in Saadnayel, and transportation is not incuded.

We are looking to add a new full time BLN teacher to our community center team. The teacher will be working alongside two other BLN teachers and the center’s manager and assistant manager. Located in Saadnayel, our beneficiaries come from both Lebanese and Syrian communities and experience working with refugee population and vulnerable people in required. We are looking for a teacher who is skilled not only in teaching, but in supporting the students as individuals. As our students often have very difficult lives, and have not experienced any type of schooling before, we need an adaptable, open and patient teacher to support their academic and emotional development.

We run a non-formal program accrediated by MEHE, and the teacher will be expected to adapt and follow the BLN curriculum which is currently used, supported by the existing team. By the end of the cycle students should be literate in Arabic and have the foundations of mathematics and English language.



  • Experience teaching BLN
  • Experience teaching vulnerable and refugee communities
  • Good level of English


  • Training/qualifications for working with vulnerable children
  • Training/qualifications in child protection
  • Driving license and vehicle

Salam LADC is an equal opportunities employer, applications will be judged irrespective of gender, race, nationality or age.

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